The sewage of the coastal cities of the Azerbaijan Republic threatens the Caspian Sea

7 August 2018

Rasmath Sattarzadeh, Director of the Strategic Office of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan, added: "During the inspections carried out by the ministry in the coastal areas of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 224 sewage sources have been sinking into the sea. To be identified.

He added that daily 1850,000 cubic meters of wastewater is poured into the Caspian Sea, and given that there are no purification equipment in most coastal cities, sewage enters the Caspian Sea, which has a negative impact on the environmental conditions of the sea and the regions. Coastal

The official said the wastewater from the Caspian Sea coastal cities such as Baku and Sumiqayt in Azerbaijan, the castle and Astrakhan mosque in Russia, Turkmenbashi in Turkmenistan, Rasht and Anzali are being siphoned into the Caspian Sea.