There is not enough equipment to investigate the waters of Iran / Radioactivity in Caspian water is not confirmed / Caspian pollution will improve over the next 4 months

19 September 2018

Unfortunately, due to 6200 kilometers of coast and 55 islands in Iran, it is unfortunate that the Marine Environment Protection Officer does not have equipment to go to sea to control and monitor the condition of the ecosystem. "

About four months the secretariat of the Tehran Convention will be operational with the rotating management of Azerbaijan, and after that, the oversight of the world's largest lake will improve. "

He added, adding that, until the secretariat is in the region, there will be no attention to existing protocols and there will be no monitoring obligations, but each year countries will submit their reports in the form of a national report in the framework of the activities carried out under the Convention. Tehran.

Farshchi said that many of the claims, such as radioactive contamination, are not backed up by science, and that the other countries The lake is polluted and we have no share in it, it is far from reality. Nuclear pollution is not science-based. There has not yet been a report to us that there is radioactive contamination in the Caspian lake.

He continued, "The radioactive effect of the Caspian Sea is about 15 years ago. If we want to claim that there is radioactive contamination in the Caspian Sea, there must be a study and a document that we have not addressed yet." And no civic studies have been done in this regard.

Referring to countries' delays in fulfilling their obligations to Caspian pollution, said: "If countries are not to comply with environmental laws, Caspian Sea status will be more critical than the current situation, but consortiums of oil companies operating in Caspian are committed to Observance of international standards and based on that, all measures are taken to prevent contamination. Some contaminations such as an accident and drowning of tankers are unpredictable; however, the concerned country must pay fines and cleanse the incident. The extent to which countries are fulfilling their commitment are appealing to the countries of the region. Naturally, after the secretariat starts its operations in the next four months in the region, we will have a center for each protocol, which we will then be able to look at as well as the transparency of existing activities.