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I КЭФ: начало качественно нового этапа в развитии Каспийского региона

Turkmenistan - 16 August 2019

Туркменистан становится местом проведения крупных международных мероприятий, имеющих глобальную значимость.

Caspian Sea level to rise in the next 10 years / Caspian Sea drying and death does not have a scientific basis

Iran - 8 October 2018

Recently, Masoud Shafiei, the director of the organization of mapping of the country at its first news conference, reported a decrease of four centimeters of the Caspian Sea in the last two years and a one-meter decline in the last 10 years, saying: "Over the past decade, as much as 380 square kilometers, Lake Urmia has been cut off from the waters of the Caspian Sea during its rainy days, and it seems that its decreasing trend will continue with regard to the data we receive monthly from this area.

There is not enough equipment to investigate the waters of Iran / Radioactivity in Caspian water is not confirmed / Caspian pollution will improve over the next 4 months

Iran - 19 September 2018
Parvin Farshchi believes that when the secretariat of the Tehran Convention is transferred from Geneva to the Caspian region, the marginal lakes of the lake will be obliged to comply with their obligations in the fight against environmental pollution, as it will not be possible under the new conditions.

One day called the world's largest lake

Iran - 19 September 2018

At the same time, with the entry into force of the Tehran Convention on August 21, 2006, this day was called the "Caspian Sea Day", and this year's anniversary celebrations will be held in the countries party to this convention. These programs are generally organized by indigenous peoples' organizations and by holding festivals aimed at bringing public opinion and familiarizing local communities to the boundaries of the sea with the objectives of the Tehran Convention, in which the general public views the status of the Caspian Sea and the need to preserve the environment.