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Technical Services for Pesticides Inventories, Feasibility Study and Materials Disposal for Azerbaijan (Tauw) (2010)

This project aimed at inventory training for 10-15 people, mainly from the four Ministries with a designated role in the management of obsolete pesticide stocks (MoA, MoE, MoEm, MoH). The training comprised training on the inventory process, health and safety during inventory, management of inventory data with PSMS, different approaches for stores and burial sites and on the job inventory training (practical part). The practical training was performed on sites of five former pesticide stores including one site where pesticides were buried and soil and groundwater sampling was trained. This World Bank project will be followed on by a TCP project approved by FAO regarding capacity building in pesticide management in Azerbaijan. The TCP project aims at (amongst others) a full national inventory, risk quantification and action plans for high risk sites. For repackaging, there is no project approved yet. In the evaluation of the training, the trainees were confident to be able to train others in order to perform a full national inventory. Further assistance might be needed on selected topics. The trainees did not see a problem concerning knowledge transfer. It is recommended to select trainees more carefully in the future. Ideally, the participants of the inventory training are the people doing the inventory and to keep all steps of the pesticide stockpile management cycle in mind during the individual steps in order to have funding for the following steps like repackaging, safeguarding and final disposal or destruction.