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Celebration of the Caspian day in Turkmenistan

The goal of the project is to raise understanding of the importance of the Caspian Sea issues and to raise support of the public locally and nation-wide regarding Caspian Sea environmental issues.

Objectives of the project include the organization and performance of the coast-wide awareness campaign in Turkmenbashi and Awaza area devoted to the Caspian Sea Day celebration.

  project implementation

Preparatory phase

The project personal performed the following project activities:


  1. Preparation of letters to the related agencies to receive support in holding the event;

  2. To determine agencies, speakers and their presentations at the conference devoted to the Caspian Day;

  3. Printing and distribution of colorful booklets-containing agenda and additional material;

  4. Purchase of gifts for the schoolchildren;

  5. Design and printing of 70 sets of T-shirts and 70 copies of caps;

  6. Printing of banners;

  7. Procurement of stationeries including color pencils, flipcharts, paper, color chalks and etc.;

  8. Preparation of the detailed program of the events, hiring theatrical performance groups, hiring and working with volunteers;

  9. Working out the scenario of the event;

  10. Making agreements with the persons, who will assist in arranging holiday performances in Turkmenbashi city.

The project prepared and agreed the program of Celebration with the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan. The mentioned ministry bore expenses for the air tickets and hotel rooms for 25 persons from Ashgabat. The Caspian Day was celebrated in two hotels in the National zone of “Avaza”. The first part – the conference «Ecology of the Caspian Sea: international cooperation for the sake of a sustainable development» was held in “Hasyl” Hotel and the second part – in “Dayanch” Hotel on the Caspian coast. The events were planned for August 11-12, 2014.