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Russian Federation

The Russian Federation covers the Northeastern coastline of the Caspian Sea. The territory of the country holds the river basin of the Volga River, which accounts for 80% of the inflow to the Caspian Sea and therefore also the major part of pollutants such as oil and nitrogen.


Environment – Current Issues

National concerns related to the Caspian Sea involve pollution and changes in fish stocks. Changes in fish stocks of the Caspian Sea but especially to the stocks of sturgeon have had adverse consequences for employment and the economy of the fishing industry. The oil and gas reserves also play an important role in the Russian economy, and are increasingly being developed, which brings further risks of pollution.

Environment – International Agreements

Party to:  Air Pollution (UNECE-CLRTAP), Biodiversity (CBD), Climate Change (UNFCCC), Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol (KP), Desertification (CCD), Endangered Species(CITES), Environmental Modification (ENMOD) , Hazardous Wastes (Basel), Law of the Sea, Marine Dumping (MARPOL), Ozone Layer Protection (Montreal), Ship Pollution, Wetlands (Ramsar).


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