Marine litter in the Caspian sea

6 December 2018

Marine litter is getting a lot of attention globally these days, and this increased focus on the subject is spreading to the Caspian Sea region. According to UN Environment, marine litter is "... is any persistent, manufactured or processed solid material discarded, disposed of or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment". The most widespread of which is plastics, which have negative effects not only on marine and coastal ecosystems but also create social and economic costs. 

This problem has been increasing globally due to unsustainable production and consumption patterns, an issue worthy of its own Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Increases in production and consumption create a vast amount of waste, from metals to plastics, which all contribute to pollution of the environment. Looking at trends related to marine litter reveal severe challenges which must be tackled in order to create a sustainable future. 

The 12th of August, 2018 was the Caspian Sea Day. In this short Public Service Announcement (PSA), young children urge all of us to 'stop' marine litter and join efforts to combat marine litter in the Caspian Sea. Hopefully the future generations will avoid creating the same problems as past generations have.